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From Soluciones Tecnológicas Aixa we listen to your idea and we guide you so that its development is possible.

We accompany you on the path to defining, developing and implementing all kinds of technological solutions so that you can have peace of mind in managing your business.

You can count on us for your Digital Transformation project

We will explore together the horizons of your business and its sector to find the best ideas, innovating and bringing value and productivity to your company.

An individual and tailor-made process that will guarantee tangible results.

Experts in solving real problems with tailored solutions

One of the specialties of our team is to develop custom software using the latest technologies, adapting to each and every one of the particular needs of our customers, from a complex e-commerce features to all types of management and reporting software.

We create solutions that make users' tasks more efficient, seeking the perfect balance between robustness, reliability and performance.

Latest generation solutions for your machinery

Within our solutions for Industry 4.0 we offer the development of programs which interacts natively with Siemens S7 PLCs using the S7 protocol, taking advantage of the SNAP7 library. This data can be stored and extracted later for subsequent queries and reports, being able to analyze and improve the production process, maximizing productivity without having to monitor the data in real time.

Put aside those manual, tedious and repetitive tasks

Within our digital transformation techniques, we include process automation, with which you can automate the most repetitive tasks, increasing the productivity of your company. 

Some of the existing possibilities are: obtaining, handling and sending data from websites, connection to APIs, connections to databases, generating and sending reports, etc.

We will help you open a new dimension in the value of your data

In many of the jobs we have done so far, we have analyzed vast amounts of data, drawing conclusions and generating value. On other occasions we have been the ones who have generated that Big Data for later analysis.

To store these data we use the most convenient technologies such as Mongo collections and to analyze them we use the newest libraries such as Tensorflow/Keras, XGBoost, etc.

The Internet of things is already here

The number of devices connected to the Internet is increasing year by year, with predictions of 75 billion connected devices by 2025. Our experts will be in charge of the development and implementation of intelligent devices that can improve and automate business processes, thus increasing productivity. 

We offer solutions for smart cities, smart homes, smart energy, smart health, connected vehicles and agriculture 4.0 among many others, ask us without obligation.

Thermography for all types of applications

Using the latest technologies in thermographic cameras, sensor technology and AI adapted to the particulars of each use case, it is possible to create high quality customized solutions capable of solving problems in different areas. Likewise, when there is a need to measure the body temperature of high volumes of people, it can act by reducing waiting times at accesses to public spaces.

Some examples of use are: detection of gas leaks in closed refrigeration systems, which can cause environmental problems, monitoring of processes or machinery where the temperature during the process is essential for the correct development of the same. 

Website Development

Do you want to increase your company's visibility? In Soluciones Tecnológicas Aixa we make sure your business is visible on the Internet, always using the highest quality standards in web development and always following the latest advice from the leading search engines in the sector to increase the possibilities of obtaining a good positioning.

We help you in the process of defining, developing and implementing your website on state-of-the-art servers with the highest security standards.

Tailor-made solutions for E-Commerces

Do you want to consolidate your company on the Internet? We are experts in developing all types of customized online stores whose fundamental pillar is high performance and a very good positioning on the Internet.

We carry out our developments using Django/Python, leading technologies in the sector.

About Us Aixa ST

Soluciones Tecnológicas Aixa is an Andalusian Cooperative of technological specialists

Our team provides professionals with years of experience in the sector, developing and researching the latest Big Data, Data Science, Software Development and Web Development technologies. We are passionate about developing disruptive solutions in order to increase the productivity and value of your business.

In Soluciones Tecnológicas Aixa we believe that the model that best fits the current demands of the ICT sector is the cooperative one, betting on incorporating as partners highly specialized freelance profiles in the latest technologies, who can contribute with different know-how to the whole and who in turn can count on an important support network for the different projects.

Founding Partner

Gerardo Garcia Maristany
Technology Analyst - IoT

Founding Partner

Pablo Carrillo Versteeg

Founding Partner

Miguel López Martín

La transformación digital de tu empresa es posible con Aixa ST

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