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We help you digitize your company

We help you in the process of digitizing your company, integrating all kinds of digital technologies in different areas of the company, increasing the value of your company and improving productivity.

Experts in solving real problems with tailored solutions

One of the specialties of our team is to develop tailored systems to what our customers are looking for, adapting to their needs.

We create solutions that make users's tasks more efficient, leaving the programs they are currently using obsolete.

Development of solutions for e-commerce stores

Do you want to consolidate your company on the Internet? We are experts in developing all kinds of online stores. The most fundamental pillar is that it has high performance and a very good positioning on the Internet. We carry out our developments using Django/Python which are the most advanced technologies in the sector.

Give value to your data

In many of the works we have done so far we have analyzed huge amounts of data, drawing conclusions and generating value. On other occasions we have been the ones who have generated that Big Data to analyze it later. To store this data we use the most convenient technologies such as Mongo collections and to analyze them we use the most innovative libraries such as Tensorflow / Keras.



Website Development

Do you want to increase the visibility of your company? In Aixa ST we take care that your business is visible on the Internet, always using the latest quality standards in web development and always following the advice to increase the chances of obtaining a good positioning in the main search engines.

We help you in the process of defining, developing and implementing your website on the latest generation servers with the highest security standards.

The Internet of things is here

The number of devices connected to the Internet increases year by year, with predictions that speak of 75,000 million connected devices by 2025. Our experts will help you in the development and implementation of smart devices that can improve your processes, increasing the productivity of your business. Among the most relevant sectors are: smart cities, smart homes, smart energy, smart health and connected vehicles among many more.

Talk, we hear you!

From Aixa Technological Solutions we listen to your idea and guide you so that its development is possible.

We help you in the path of definition, development and implementation of the solution so that you can be calm in the technological part of the project.

About Us Aixa ST

We are a team of associated technology specialists in the form of Cooperativa Andaluza.

Our team provides professionals with years of experience in the sector, developing and researching the latest Big Data, Data Science, Software Development and Web Development technologies. We are passionate about developing disruptive solutions in order to increase the productivity and value of your business.

Founding Partner

Pablo Carrillo Versteeg

Founding Partner

Gerardo Garcia Maristany
Technology Analyst - IoT

Founding Partner

Miguel López Martín

The digital transformation of your company with Aixa ST

Contact us

You can contact us through the form or by sending an email to consejorector@aixast.com

Visit your company

Aixa ST professionals will contact you to arrange a visit / call to study your situation

Identification of improvement areas

After the visit/call we will specifically study your case and identify the areas of improvement of your company

Analysis and study of solutions

At the end of the analysis of your company, we will deliver a study with the solutions that best suit your situation

Solution Development

If you want to develop the solution proposed by our team, we offer the development service .

Solution Deployment

After developing the solution, the application will be deployed on one of the AixaST servers or one dedicated for you


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